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What is the state-of-the-art club?

It's a club you can choose to be enrolled in when you purchase most services or products from Kineticka. It has two aspects:

A delayed discount or reward and a philosophy of enjoying state-of-the-art goods and systems now, then regularly making them even better.

We believe that fantastic quality entertainment and automation systems give great value, in terms of both enjoyment and enriching your lifestyle, and that these experiences should not be compromised, allowed to decay or become outdated, but instead be enhanced as technology moves forwards.

The club will keep you up to date with options of the highest quality equipment that would work and enhance the system you have designed for your home while also helping you realise this with our large discounts.

What's the deal?

If you buy eligible equipment and services* from Kineticka then one year after the purchase your account is automatically credited with 20% of that total amount.

With this credit you can buy more equipment or services from Kineticka, any time you wish, which are themselves eligible for a 20% delayed credit.

  • All of the equipment and services we provide are eligible apart from Apple and Sonos products.

Why after a year?

Two reasons:

  • It encourages or rewards an attitude of evolving the technology that surrounds you, to your best enjoyment and use. This helps keeph your home environment fresh and current.

  • We can give a greater discount after a year than at the time of purchase due to a number of factors in the purchasing and supply chain.

Are we paying extra up front?

Yes you are paying a few percent more on products at the beginning but we use this leverage to give you back 20% of the full cost of the project after a year (excluding items not in the scheme).

Does this not mean constant upheaval?

We will do our best work with your diary to install any equipment while you are on holiday. When you return we can show you how your new equipment works. So the upheaval will happen but not while you are around!

I'd rather have the discount now, can I?

Sorry, that's not how it works. Through membership of the state-of-the-art-club we hope to encourage an attitude of "get the best and then make it better" not "get the least expensive". Whilst we'll work with you to explore possibilities within your budget, we won't cut corners. In our view one attitude leads to "great", one to "adequate and about to be outdated".