What is the Technium and why is it living in my house?

6284015888_d3d9157901_o.jpg Midwestern USA at Night with Aurora Borealis Image © Flickr user NASA's Earth Observatory under CC BY 2.0

Kevin Kelly uses the word Technium to describe modern culture as as an technological organism. A complex stratum of evolving inter-dependencies and capacities that both we and our technologies inhabit. Like a coral reef it is a rich environment composed of many lifeforms and inorganic structures.

Eco systems evolve. The current system, the world we inhabit, could only exist because of past systems. We can only make a metal fork because we have mined and smelted the metal, developed the means of creating the object, the technology.

An Architect uses tools and knowledge from the Technium to design buildings. They and the Technium defines the limits of whats currently possible. We encapsulate space, heat and tend to human needs. We also tend the needs of the Technium itself.

Energy, information, connectivity.

Your bookshelves and the books, the windows, locks, materials and paints, computers, lights, almost every object in your home is a facet of the Technium. Many of which require the umbilical of the Technium, energy and connectivity.

Its important to stay at the front of the curve. Try adding one item which is on the edge of the Technium.

Virtual reality, moving furniture, remote control of your home, voice activated doors or a room that reads to you, etc

Integrate it into your building or home. There will be problems and failures but as the problems are solved the capacities of your environments will evolve. New niches for living will be made.