• I want Mark Zuckerberg's home


    I want Mark Zuckerberg's home. It is not only smart its Artificially Intelligent.

    Smart and Apps and AI.

    Smart in the context of technology has come to mean something quite different from a persons type of smartness. Mainly it means a versatile tool kit. Camera, torch, video recorder and player, internet terminal, phone. The magic is in the apps. An app is a computer program which runs on the phone's processor.

    For some time I've been working on the idea of apps for your home. The idea is you own a home operating system, Home OS, where you can install apps. Much like your phone, you can install apps to add a cool feature. eg;

    Recognise your face and say good morning when you come down for breakfast.


    Order a coffee from the cafe at the station as the house notices you leaving in the morning. etc.

    I've got a fair bit of work done but its still gestating.

    Zuckerberg has gone further than apps he has made a home assistant called Jarvis. It uses AI techniques such as face & voice recognition to fully control his home. He has used machine learning to learn the type of music that he might like at any given time. He asks Jarvis, "play me some music" and then perhaps "that's not light, play something light" and it does.

    It is a limited Artificial intelligence and a long way from being able to understand conversational language. This is going to get better, increase in its uses, in ways we cannot foresee. It will become the norm. but right now I want his house!

    Home OS: Dinner party app

    On your request send out party invites, ask for RSVP, send reminders, work up a menu, arrange the catering, lighting, music. Rent fancy dress costumes, order ingredients for punch. Remind you to get dressed. Welcome the guests.

    Home OS: Bike

    If The door to the garage is opened
    and The house lights have just been turned off.

    • 1 Illuminate spotlight above Ducati
    • 2 Play Viking Metal playlist through garage speakers at volume 11 (very loud)
    • 3 Start dry ice machine & laser effects beneath motor cycle.