Kineticka's story


I'm in an amazing luxury apartment, sprinkled with art from some of the greatest artists of our time. Every detail of decoration and furnishing is perfectly executed and kept in pristine condition. We'll call the proud owner Leo.

I'm here to finish the audio visual and automation system which has been left undone for more than a year by the previous AV specialist who seems to have disappeared.

I can see why. It cannot work without additional equipment and more infrastructure (cables in walls) but the worst is that at the end of this expensive and time consuming work Leo will be disappointed. The system is of poor quality and already out of date.

I've been at the end of this chain of events many times and it's incredably frustrating for the customer and me.

Kineticka came from this frustration. We aim to make state-of-the-art systems that are a delight to live with and then help our customers keep on improving them.


I've been in the world of custom install for more than 15 years, in various positions from programmer, to project manager, to consultant.

In addition to working on home theatre, audio and video we have been deeply involved in the technical side of technologies for the home, designing control systems and media servers which were licenced and manufactured for the UK market.

Over that time I've been in some amazing homes, met some amazing people and worked with very talented designers and specialists. I'm fortunate to have some of these amazing professionals working with me at Kineticka.


1) We install the highest specification infrastructure capable of carrying a hundred thousand times the information needed for normal video. It will last and not become outdated.
2) We provide the best equipment currently available. It will last longer and date more slowly but importantly you get to enjoy the best of the current amazing technology - now.
3) We craft hybrid control systems using a mix of industry standard and our own technologies so you get simple intuitive control with a robust backbone to keep your home running perfectly.
4) We have some of the best specialists in the field working with us. No problem is too difficult for them and the finish is amazing!
5) We want to work with you and your designers to integrate the technologies with your style and interior design.
6) We've seen a lot of obsolete technologies in amazingly pristine and up to date homes. We give you one of the best discounts in the industry to help keep things up to date.
7) We make a fifth of your investment available after a year with our state-of-the-art-club so you can more easily enhance or update your home.

Have a look at some of our thoughts on improving your home or some ideas for great home techologies.

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