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How to enhance your home?


Music matters

A poor quality audio system will get subtly under your skin and decrease your enjoyment of your home. A superb audio system will be able to enhance your appreciation of music, radio and TV around your home. You will be able to create moods on demand.

Amazing sound quality produced by the finest equipment leads to moments of real epiphany while listening to music, experiences that cannot be described but arise from recognising meanings and emotions, colours in the music that were invisible without a great system to manifest them.

Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain. It is intrinsic to all cultures and has surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development.


Moving images

Films and television enrich our lives, they inform and entertain us. The technology for displaying these other avenues of experience have been steadily becoming more advanced. Huge boxes have shrunk to flat screen. Grainy black and white have become ultra high definition 3D full colour. Underlyingly the technology has been changing, moving gradually away from traditional broadcast to internet services and content.

Streams of media from online suppliers and websites has become the norm so its vital to update the path this media needs to flow through your home to ensure that you actually get the full enjoyment and detail of the movies or TV you would like to watch. It's important that the internet provider, the cabling and your rooms ability to reproduce video and audio have enough capacity for the current services and excess to allow for future innovations.

Far from being a purely aural experience, scans suggested that the regions of the brain that light up with music are those linked to euphoric stimuli such as food, sex and drugs.

Helen Stewart on research from McGill University

curved desktop


While amazing technology needs its own space to have the greatest effect on your environment, it can with imagination be elegantly integrated with the interior design of your home.

A cinematic screen needs to be large to immerse you within its magic; similarly a superb audio system needs to have exactly the correct speakers in the correct positions to bring out the subtleties of your music and the full value of your equipment.

Different approaches have been taken to these problems, unfortunately a common AV-installers attitude is to ignore the design aesthetic of a room and place the technology on top of it. Often the ensuing mass of cables and hardware degrades the room, even if done neatly.

There are many options. The most effective is a combination of tailoring a room to present only the technology that you require in the place that you want it and using dynamic technology that appears or disappears when needed. An example of the former is a room designed to fit a large screen exactly such that all cables plugs and messy sides are invisible, the latter a projector and projection screen, normally invisible in the ceiling, glide down when needed.

Some examples of less known dynamic technologies are; TVs which appear within mirrors when needed, hidden projectors causing a wall to temporarily show perhaps a gate camera when the doorbell rings, Electronic glass or mirrors which transform into touch screens or displays at your approach, offering controls which you can touch to change any setting in your home, TVs which fold out of your ceiling or rise from the base of your bed when needed and then disappear when not, speakers which emerge from walls or pictures which slide to reveal a hidden screen.


Great technology is elegant

A sophisticated home is complex. In each area of a home many fluid interactions need to be negotiated; Changing music and lighting screens, organising a room for different uses, manipulating heating and blinds, security and access control.

Increasingly people use rooms for communicating or connecting with other rooms or people. This can be via video intercoms, phones or through the use of cameras and automated gates or doors. If complexity and redundancy are to be avoided, the essential ingredient is a clear, simple control interface.

Hand held iPads that can dock into your wall or a table based station together with a selection of wall based switches or other touch or talk interfaces carefully placed throughout your home provide elegant and familiar interfaces to the numerous aspects of your interaction with your home environment.

If the controls that you need are right where you need them when you need them, then working with the technology in your home becomes both a convenience and a pleasure.

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